October 25, 2008

  • You know something of which I strenuously disapprove?

    Announcing the results of early and absentee voting prior to the close of election day.

    To be completely fair, upon scrutinizing various stories, it appears that what happens is it’s the numbers of Democrats v. Republicans that voted absentee or early.  It’s not unreasonable to assume that while there’s doubtless some cross-over voting going on, most of the time voting follows party lines.

    ISTM there should be nothing given away about votes until after the polls close, period.  Okay, fine, straight numbers is permissible, such as how many people voted on a particular day and so on, but nothing that might give a clue as to how the candidates are likely faring. 

    It must be demoralizing to be in one of the “safe” states for a particular candidate and support the opposite candidate, and constantly be told that the absentee and early voting is confirming that prediction.  What’s the point of showing up, standing in line and voting, then? 

    (Of course there are all those congressional and local elections and propositions to be voted on, so it is always worthwhile to vote.) 

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