September 16, 2008

  • If ONLY he can pass those darn TAKS exams.

    Today I had a brief meeting with one of the teachers at Dmitry's school, going over his transcript and what he needs to graduate.  Seven credits, basically.  She foresaw no problem with him accomplishing this.

    Then I mentioned the TAKS, and her face fell.

    Ummm.  Yes.  Sigh.

    They're going to "strategize" about it, trying to figure out a way for him to get the knowledge in his noggin then immediately take the test.  He can learn stuff short term but it doesn't tend to stick around, you may recall.

    Still, for the nonce we are going to Look On The Bright Side and Think Positive, as it was definitely pleasant to have her tell me to start looking next month for information about senior activities, cap-and-gown stuff, and so on. 

    [wistfully]  Wouldn't it be something if he managed to somehow scrape past those tiresome exams and was able to graduate next spring?

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  • I am very sympathetic with Dmitry!! In school, I had to learn for the exam, take it and by the next day, it was gone!! If he can just take one section a day for several days, maybe he can learn enough to pass each section. Good luck!!!! Hang in there Dmitry!! You can do it!! Grandmom:whew:

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