September 15, 2008

  • You know, I can never decide what to do about this situation.

    I just returned from SuperTarget, where I was displeased to discover that I'd been charged $1.20 more for a package of eight boneless pork chops than the sign in front of them had said.

    When I went to make sure I was right before stomping down to Customer Service to get my 1.20 back, I saw that the date said the sale on that item had run through 9-13.

    So. OTOH, there was definitely a sign saying those chops were on sale, but then the same sign gave the effective dates for the sale.

    I know they'd honor the sale price if I made 'em do it, but I grumpily decided against it (mind, were the C/S counter not to heck and gone down at the opposite end of the store, I might have done it).

    That's the trouble with having worked for years in retail. I'm well aware how difficult it can be to get each and every sign down, and goodness knows a store like Target has a bunch to be switched and changed.

    One could make a case for forcing them to honor the sale price, though, seeing as how this is Monday, and Monday evening to boot, so the sign really ought to have been caught by somebody 'ere now.