September 14, 2008

  • Oh dear. I'm afraid Dmitry's dire prediction came true.

    Dollars to donuts his beloved Casa del Mar down on the beach in Galveston is ruined, as the Flagship Hotel was destroyed to the east, and down to the west the damage was fierce.  That's a shame, on multiple levels. 

    I remember Mom and Dad taking us to Galveston to stay at the Flagship Inn.  Thought it marvelous, being right out over the Gulf like that!

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  • I read it was damaged but not totally destroyed. I've been watching the news this Sunday night and it is so sad. Galveston will never be the

    same in my lifetime. It will be fixed for all of the rest of the family, one forgets that things can just go. I have a book about the 1900 hurricane that wiped

    Galveston out, now I'll need one for 2008. Sigh. I'll add it to the one on Mississippi and New Orleans. Sigh. Enjoy wonderful places while you can. Tho one hundred years is quite a number of years. Still. And all. :so-sad:

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