July 20, 2008

  • Brianna heads to Camp Carter….








    You know what’s cool?  Now one can send email to campers, complete with photos, if one wishes.  Okay, yes, there’s a fee, but it’s still pretty neat (especially for those of us who have a hard time actually getting a letter written and in the mail in time to arrive before the kid leaves).

    So funny how the girls all want the top bunks!  Brianna was agitating about that quite a bit, but being the second in her room to show up, she had no trouble snagging one.  The other girl who’d already gotten there is also named Brianna, and she had chosen a top bunk, and the next girl to come also wanted one.  The counselor agreed it was amusing how children get such a kick out of being on the top bunk, while the rest of us far prefer the bottom.

    Here’s hoping Brianna gets as big a charge out of Camp Carter as did her Uncle Charles. 

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