April 20, 2008

  • Yesterday I missed the boat.

    Well, the airplane, that is.

    My grandson, Benjamin, loves airplanes (really, all forms of transportation) so the father of one of his parents' friends owns a small airplane (1946 something or other) and generously offered to take him up.  When I'd first heard about the proposed treat I'd told Matt I certainly wanted to be there for this, Benjamin's maiden flight.

    It took awhile but at last the plans were hammered down.

    Yesterday.  In Granbury.  At 7 a.m. 

    Um....I finally decided that considering my inability to sleep at all if I have to awaken unusually early, and with my first whirl as (volunteer) assistant to one of the church's wedding directors scheduled for the afternoon, it'd be most prudent to give the outing a miss.  Matt promised faithfully that there would be videos and stills galore, so I regretfully said not to look for me.


    Not only did Benjamin go up, but also Bethany, Bryson, Matt and Kirstin.  e-fingers_ears  What a wealth of photo ops!  e-wallbang

    Bryson was apparently quite intrigued by all the gadgets and gizmos, particularly the joystick-type thing, and he wasn't bashful about trying it out. To the point the pilot landed the airplane a bit more hastily than usual, fearing what Bryson was doing up in front.  Kirstin said she didn't perfectly understand what it was Bryson had done - or might have done - but some other pilots present chuckled about it.

    That's Bryson for you!  e-Eeeeeek

    At 3:30 I showed up at the church, realizing as I did that I didn't know which sanctuary was the site for the wedding, nor who the wedding director was, or anything. Naturally I parked next to the large sanctuary on the east side of the church, only to find that the action was in the small sanctuary, on the west side.  Oh well.  The exercise is good for me, I told myself.

    Located Micah, the wedding director, without any difficulty, only to discover she wasn't aware she was going to have a volunteer with her. It wasn't a very large or elaborate wedding, so there wasn't really much for me to do, particularly as I didn't have a clue what was going on.  Perhaps that's just as well, though.  Get one's feet wet first, instead of being thrown into the deep end of the pool.

    The most frustrating thing was that darned if I didn't miss myriad more photo ops!  e-arg

    So many visual vignettes popped up....the bride in her gown, with the train tossed up over her shoulder, skittering into the hall and to the ladies' room, for instance. The bride and her bridesmaids (eight of 'em!) squatting down (so as not to crease their dresses by kneeling, I suppose) while waiting for the procession to start.  And my personal favorite was after the procession had begun and it was almost time for the bride and her father to enter the sanctuary, darned if her father's cell phone didn't ring and he took the call!  There he was, phone pressed to his ear, his head down, shoulders hunched, turning away from the sanctuary doors and coming back toward me, with his daughter staring after him.  The expression on her face will live on in my memory for years.  "DADDY!" it simply shrieked.

    To be fair, from the bit I could hear I think it had something to do with the reception, but I'd still have thought he'd have turned his phone off by the time the bridesmaids were making their way down the aisle, y'know?  e-headscratch

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  • Oh frustration!!!!! Tho I don't really like getting up early, I love the opportunity to fly or watch assorted family flying and would have gone and taken photos. tho, as a matter of fact, most of my photos don't turn out. Can't think why. I push the button and go to the next thing and it flashes. Catches fuzzy. Drat. Lag time. Anyway, send me pics!!! This is grand, fun and fabulous!!! G'mom

  • Once I get the pix I'll for sure pass them on.

    It'd be great were Kirstin to upload them to a Flickr or Photobucket account, of course.

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