April 14, 2008

  • Great snakes. =8^o

    We're watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and Guy's at a place that serves hot dogs with chili, mustard, ketchup, MAYONNAISE, and I literally forget what all, plus a one-pound hot dog that's first lightly fried then topped with chili, jalapeno and habanero peppers, cole slaw, and - again - I forget what else.

    Told Don that compared to that place, I'm running a health food joint. 

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  • I can't understand the mayo!!  and frying the dog, tho I've been known to split one and saute it and put it on a hamburger bun.  However a turkey chili hot dog sounds good too!!! Hormel turkey chili is better than one would think!!!

  • I actually like Miracle Whip on a hot dog, but i quit doing it because I always got funny looks.  It's not much different than a hamburger, just a different shape.  Ok, it tasted different too, but if I can put Mayo on my hamburger, I can put it on my hot dog.  My favorite hot dog topping is sliced tomatoes.  I've never seen anyone else do it, but it is yummy.  It makes it not so dry.

    A few things that Alex thinks is weird ( I think my parents did it so I would eat things I normally wouldn't) - I eat peas mixed with Apple sauce, Peanut butter and bananas on my pancakes, Parmesean cheese on my spinach, and I use BBq sauce instead of ketchup.

    Does anyone else have weird eating habits?  Oh...I also eat one thing at a time, and I prefer my food not too touch, but I'll eat it even if it is touching.  My uncle won't eat it if things touch on his plate.  Alex mixes everything together to eat it. 

  • The parmesan cheese on spinach sounds good.

    The peas in applesauce is beyond strange, though.

    The oddest thing I like, so far's I'm aware, is ketchup with green beans.

  • All my New Orleans people put Mayo (mai nes) on EVERYTHING!  Conrad and Gael put it on hot dogs AND cheese and crackers! Yuck!  I'm very fond of mayo, but that is a little extreme for me!

  • I eat my peas with honey,
    I've done it all my life,
    and though it may sound funny
    it keeps them on my knife.

    Okay it's National Poetry Month, I couldn't resist.

    I eat peanut butter and cheese sandwiches, and I like hot dogs with ketchup, mustard, mayo and chopped onion.  I also like them with mustard and sweet relish; or just mustard; or horseradish, sauteed onions and peppers; or mustard, chili, cheese, sour cream and cole slaw.  You  might say I'm fond of hot dogs.

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