March 26, 2008

  • What a neat sight it was this afternoon.... watch Dmitry and Svetlana chatting happily via Skype, each able to see the other.     Voice is good, not a doubt about it, but voice and video are even better, and she at last bought a webcam for her computer yesterday.  She announced her new toy by sending us some photos she'd taken of herself with it; these are my favorites:




    Darned if her webcam doesn't take better stills than mine!  I'm really impressed with the quality of hers. And I've said it before and I'll say it again....isn't she gorgeous?  Dmitry keeps saying he thinks she could be a model.

    I agree she could, but am just as glad she's not, instead having a nice job in a telecommunications company that apparently specializes in laying the cables, etc. for phone systems, which is amusing as of course phone systems are what Don's sold for almost 25 years. 

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  • She is lovely and I too am glad she has a proper job. Telecommunications is good!!! And the pics are great.

  • What a beautiful young woman.  

  • Yes, she's better off in the job she's got - she's lovely, but she's markedly lovlier when smiling, and you know that models are never supposed to smile! That would be a shame. She should stay where smiling is permitted. Tell Dmitry that I'm awfully glad for him that he can see and talk to his sister so easily now.

  • I'm so glad Dmitry can see and talk to Svetlana now - she is really lovely!

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