March 25, 2008

  • Just a few odds and ends....

    Today Bridgette came to stay for a few hours while her parents worked; she seems to have entered what her father refers to as her "snake" mode:




    By jingo, she's got a first-class tongue and is going to share it with the world.    She also likes to initiate a brisk game of peekaboo:


    This evening we had on Alton Brown's Good Eats for a few minutes, and here's something I've wondered.....what happened to the basic safety rule of "never have a pan's handle extending over the side toward you"?  Remember?  So you don't accidentally hit it and cause hot food to cascade over you and/or anyone standing nearby?

    This rule is rarely observed by any of the cooks on the various FoodNetwork shows, so far as I can tell.  It drives me nuts to see all those handles hanging over the side of the stove like they do.  So dangerous!  Is it wise for those cooks to display such a lack of care?  I'm thinking about emailing FoodNetwork and rebuking them for it.

    Speaking of television and food, what on earth is up with the recent Jack-in-the-Box commercials?  The company must have changed ad agencies, and I, for one, wish to heaven they'd change back.  If it's not that ghastly "hot tub" ad with its double entendre (I emailed Jack-in-the-Box to complain about it, but never received a response), it's the one showing people getting injured or killed because they didn't eat some presumably neat and tidy edible from JitB, or the one with the guy being sucked into the airplane's engine, and tonight there's a new one where Jack manages to disrupt a wedding reception by muttering to his wife, "It won't last".

    You know, none of these provide me with any particular yen to go to Jack-in-the-Box.  The reverse, actually.

    This evening we've got the Mavericks' game on, and a frustrating affair it is, too.  Tell you what, if the LA Clippers win, they'll have the Mavs to thank.  Never have I seen a team so earnestly determined to help the visiting team win.  Sad to say, up to this point the Clippers are somehow defeating the Mavs' efforts to force a win on them, and are behind.  Given the raw determination displayed by the Mavericks, however, I daresay the Clippers still might win.  It's not often one sees a pair of teams so utterly set upon handing the ball over to each other.

    Today is also Avery Johnson - the Mavericks' coach's - birthday.  Truth be told, I really could not care less about his birthday, figuring he's pulling down enough bucks to buy himself pretty much anything he wants, and it's not an inducement to listen to the postgame show to find out what his favorite music is.  Is there some reason I should give two hoots - or even a hoot and a half - about what is Avery Johnson's favorite music?  Such personal tidbits of information regarding the players - not to mention their coaches - are becoming all too commonplace.  Does this stuff actually matter to anyone except maybe their mothers and wannabe girlfriends? 

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  • Those are your eyes, Anne. Isn't she adorable!  You know, she looks like her uncle Charles! (who by the way, has a killer smile....what WAS that thing on his head? Looked positively medieval.)

  • Bridgette is so darling!  And what a tongue!  I think that's your tongue, Anne.  She must have inherited that trait from YOU!  Hee Hee....

  • You are ignoring what a large percentage of the population is constituted by "their wannabe girlfriends."

  • Yeah Bridgette Pictures.  She is such a cutie!  And, I loved seeing CHarles smiling pictures.  He is a cutie when he smiles.  He should try it more often for pictures : ) 

    About handles out.  I've notices that on Emeril (the only cooking show I've found here lately).  It is frusterating to me.  My guess is it adds a little suspense to the show.  Keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat, just waiting for something to get knocked off.  Apparently, these chefs do not have toddlers at home within stoves reach.

  • Well, they certainly don't have toddlers on the set within stove's reach.

    And I can see that there are reasons for doing that, to make something easier to grab or stir or fit something else on the stove. They're not good enough reasons to do it in a high traffic, busy kitchen (like mine), or where there are young children around, or if you're a klutz (like me), but these people are functioning in a practiced, scripted way, and nobody's going to suddenly come charging onto the set.

    It might not be the best practice, and maybe you're right that it sets a bad example, but I don't think it's necessarily a safety issue in itself. There are lots of things that professionals do that would be far more unwise for moms or untrained people to do.

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