February 8, 2008

  • Have y’all seen this guy’s surreal 3D pavement art?

    Dan pointed this site out to me, having come across it during an architectural theory (I think that’s right) class he took awhile back.  It’s an artist by the name of Julian Beever who, among other things, creates three-dimensional chalk drawings on pavement.  Here are a few:



    It’s all about proportion, and only works when viewed from a particular angle, otherwise it’s all whoppyjawed.


    There are lots more, including a couple of “wrong” views, which are fascinating in themselves.  Amazing that something drawn so it looks so strange in one direction, looks perfectly normal from another.

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  • Wow, sidewalk tromp l’oeil, amazing! I’ve always loved tromp l’oeil. That looks SO REAL!

  • Doesn’t it just? I stuff like that.

  • Yes, there is a website with his stuff on it, which I saw a couple of years ago. Amazing indeed! It would kill me to have it rain were I the artist! Wonder how he makes money at it– that sort of thing takes time.

  • E, perhaps he puts out a basket, and works like a busker? People drop in a few bucks as they pass. As you say, it takes time – that’s a lot of bucks if you manage to intrigue people.

    I agree, this guy is great. Like Eleanor, I saw the website a few years ago. I don’t think I realized before, though, that it didn’t “work” from the wrong angle. Very cool.


  • Chris took pictures of some of the street art when he was in Europe in the 70′s, it’s just as cool now as the pictures he took of it. I never realized that it “didn’t work” from the wrong angle, but it makes sense!

  • Oh I forgot to mention, I’ve never heard “whoppyjawed” before. I think that it’s my new favorite word

  • You never know what you’ll learn here at The Ivy Vine2.

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