December 26, 2007

  • Not wanting the blog to sink under the weight of Christmas photos, I'll post some favorites.

    Since the 23d I've taken upward of 500 photos, including a couple of hundred Christmas Eve and yesterday.  On Christmas Eve, since we'd had our Ivy family celebration the previous night, we mostly stayed home and quiet, although Dmitry and Dan went out with their friend, Elveera, for a bit.  Beth's relatives had provided some gifts they were to open that night:


    Christmas Eve jammies, a tradition in her family.  Hannah and Faith had matching sets.  ;^)  There was also time to play with Grandpa some:


    The next morning they were up bright and early to see what Santa had brought:


    Why, even baby Faith got into the spirit of the thing:


    Hannah and Alex trying out one of the toys:



    Finally Faith had had as much Christmas morning excitement as she could hold:


    And she wasn't the only one....

    Christmas Day 2007 001

    That afternoon we went to pay a visit to Don's brother, Richard, then it was off to my sister Jeanne's for the Gambill gathering; here's a delighted Marebear holding Faith:

    Christmas Day 2007 003

    Swiftly followed by Kirstin:

    Christmas Day 2007 011

    The children played a rousing rendition of "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" (under Aunt Jeanne's supervision):

    Christmas Day 2007 036

    The D's were present for a short while, before Charles kindly shuttled them to Carolyn's house for her family's Christmas celebration:

    Christmas Day 2007 039

    Faith with her mama, Beth:

    Christmas Day 2007 093

    Here's Alex showing Faith off to his grandfather:

    Christmas Day 2007 043

    And here's Faith with her grandfather and my mother:

    Christmas Day 2007 078

    Where Uncle Alex goes, can craziness be far behind?

    Christmas Day 2007 113

    Christmas Day 2007 146

    Above is Bethany getting spun in a circle by him.  I'll try to upload the video I made of him spinning Benjamin.  He spun Bethany, Benjamin, and Hannah!  Most exhausting.

    Bethany apparently telling her Uncles Charles all about something or other:

    Christmas Day 2007 158

    A feature of our Christmas gatherings is the Chinese Christmas;  my bro-in-law, John, made out like a bandit because he scored the beautiful throw Elaine made (he's the one holding it up, so cannot be seen):

    Christmas Day 2007 129

    Here's Jeanne, our kind hostess, showing Hannah the various musical things she collects:

    Christmas Day 2007 171

    It was a lovely Christmas here, and I hope the same was true for you. 

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