December 24, 2007

  • What a neat experience!

    This afternoon Don, Dmitry, Dan and I drove to the Gaylord Texan Resort
    to see the ICE! exhibit which, according to one of the employees, takes
    over a month to carve by hundreds of Chinese ice-carvers.  

    I believe it. 

    Here is Beth with her mother and baby Faith:


    Here she is with Faith and me:


    And you will not believe who was there.....Santa Claus!  Is that a coincidence or what?  Naturally the poppets took advantage of this serendipitous situation:


    Where Santa is, naturally his reindeer are as well; here was one of
    them taking a lunch break; apparently it was a hard trip down, seeing
    as how one of his antlers fell off:


    After waiting for quite a while in line it was finally the 3:30 group's
    turn to get togged out in resort-provided parkas in preparation for the


    BTW, Beth is indeed large with child, as she has Faith tucked away under that coat.  ;^)

    Dan kindly took this photo of Don and me in an ice sleigh:


    If there's one thing the ICE! exhibit understands, it's the desirability of photo op spots; here are Alex and Beth taking advantage of one:


    And Don and Hannah:


    Why, even Dmitry and Dan were coaxed into position:


    A real eye-popper and crowd-stopper is the life-size manger scene, carved entirely of ice:


    That doesn't begin to do it justice, either the quality of work or the scope, as there is a lot missing from the above photo.  After one leaves this area one is in the slide room, where two ice slides await eager sliders;  Hannah loved the children's slide, going twice:


    Not only Hannah, but Dmitry, Dan, and Beth's mother and aunt went down the larger slide; I managed to snag Dan at the top:


    I hadn't been expecting Dmitry to come down yet, so wasn't prepared for his ride, darn it.  Anyway, it was a lovely afternoon!  This evening Alex and Beth and Faith have gone to Olive Garden, Dmitry and Dan's friend Elveera (also part of their Bright Futures' camp) came by to get them so they could go to the movies, and Don, Charles, Hannah and I are kicking back at home.

    It's a nice evening, following a great day. 

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  • Sounds wonderful! Not quite a dollar gift party, but wonderful in its own way.

    Truly, it does indeed look like a great way to spend the day.

    Merry Christmas, Anne dearest, to you and yours.


  • That looks like such a neat place! 

  • I saw it on the TV and am delighted you all got to go!!! Fun, fun!! And Merry Christmas to one and all from Mom, Grandmom and Greatgrandmom all in one!

  • Well, where we are, we don't have to keep our ice indoors. (Our ice fest is at the end of January, and yes, there are some years when the sculptures don't last quite as long as other years.)

    But that place looks truly amazing! Cool pics.

  • Today I learned that it was kept a constant 9 degrees in there! Thinking about it, though, with upwards of a thousand people an hour going through, I can see how that'd be necessary...otherwise the place would melt into a sad puddle.

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