December 21, 2007

  • Does anyone have one of those "clapper" things?

    You know the thing of which I claps one's hands to turn appliances on and off.

    Presumably only one appliance can be attached to it in each room, or two if you want them to be turned on and off at the same time, yet the commercial (okay, Cindy, Wheel of Fortune's on) tends to show people enthusiastically clapping their hands and turning lamps, televisions, and I don't recall what all on and off.  Can't you imagine some poor schnook not thinking this through and buying several of them to go in one room, and the expression on his face as clapping to turn on the lamp simultaneously turns off the television? So he claps again to turn the television on and the light goes out?

    This mental image always amuses me. 

    Of course, I'm easily amused.  e-ghost

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