December 19, 2007

  • Wow, I've been silent, haven't I?

    Not much to talk about, actually.  Been shopping, wrapping, and - intermittently - tidying up, preparing for Alex's arrival on Sunday afternoon. 

    Have I mentioned our plans, BTW?  I don't think I have.  Well, on Sunday Kirstin and her family will be returning from south Texas as Alex will be flying in from Tokyo.  Some of us - exactly who, I'm not sure - will be at the airport to greet Alex as he sets foot on Texas soil for the first time since late August, 2006.  The entire Ivy family (including Kirstin, Matt and their children, who probably won't have gone home yet) will gather at a Don Pablos here in Fort Worth for dinner, as that's what Alex requested as his first meal in Texas, then afterwards repair home to have our Christmas tree.

    Can't wait!   e-banana

    Well, except I've not finished my shopping, wrapping, de-furring, or tidying yet.  Or planning menus.  Or much of anything, really.  Haven't even been able to manage a blog post, for crying out loud. 

    Ho ho ho. 

    Speaking of Christmas trees, having been driving regularly past the Optimist Club's tree lot for the past four weeks on my almost-daily trip to SuperTarget, I'm wondering what happened to flocked Christmas trees?  There's a tent as usual, but I've yet to see any flocking going on.  That used to be the height of decorating elegance, to have a flocked tree.  Did they turn out to be emitting poison gas or something?  Or did fashion change, thus relegating flocked trees to the level of avocado appliances and shag carpet?

    Also speaking of Christmas trees, but this time in terms of the gifts found under them, one of the most annoying television ads has to be the commercial for some jeweler or other, which features a guy crooning (singing wouldn't really be an accurate description) a song that starts like this:

    "I think I'm possibly, maybe falling in love with you."

    Well, be still my heart.

    When you've come to a decision, get back to me.

    In the interim, though, leave the diamond.  e-batting

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  • I can't decide, dearest, if you think more about television commercials than most of us, or if you're just more willing to voice those thoughts.

    As for flocked trees - I can't remember when I've last seen one. Certainly I was a child, and, do-it-yourselfers that we are, I'm sure it was done with that wicked smelling stuff from a can. Thinking about it makes me think of Christmas at my grandfather's house. Aunt Rose - the wildly eccentric aunt, who could be great fun for kids, never left home until after Pap died. She'd have been the flocker.

    When was the last time you saw a flocked tree, in-house, as it were?


  • Cindy, I simply can't recall. It's been a long time, that's for sure.

    And I'd completely forgotten about the spray-can stuff! What a blast from the past.

    When it comes to annoying ads, let me throw onto the list the Diet Dr. Pepper commercial that tries to convince the viewer that drinking one is essentially as satisfying as eating a cupcake, a donut, a piece of pie, candy, etc.

    Ha. If I'm in the mood for pie, a Diet Dr. Pepper wouldn't be anything close to an adequate substitute.

    BTW, the ads are usually those found on the FoodTV channel or Mavericks' basketball games.

    The Phoenix Suns are working hard to beat the Mavs tonight. Lead's back up to seven! it's back down to five.

    Basketball is a very stressful game.

  • What exactly is a "flocked" Christmas tree? I don't think this is youth speaking, but a not-part-of-my-childhood thing. Anyway, the only thing I know the word "flocked" to refer to is that fuzzy stuff on the outside of plastic decorative animal figurines or toys. I know that can't be it.

  • Actually, that's not far off, Jane. The flocking was sprayed on.

    Here's a link to a photo of one:

    Apparently one can purchase pre-flocked artificial trees these days. My goodness.

  • Actually, "possibly maybe falling in love with you" isn't bad for a generation committed to not committing.  I'm sure he thinks he's going way out on a limb for this chick.

  • The fake snow stuff, you mean? Ah! Didn't know the word for it was "flocked," is all. And as I suspected, that wasn't something "we" ever did.

    OTOH, my Dad did have one of those silver trees with the rotating colored lights on it in his display window at the pharmacy, for a few years. Now THERE'S a real keeper. (And when I was a kid, I just thought it was the COOLEST thing and couldn't understand why my mom wouldn't let us have one in the living room.)

  • Anne, you are a very funny lady! Why don't you live just down around the bend? I can't guess how many times you've made me laugh out loud, and continue chuckling away for quite some time!

    I'm sure glad you're about to have a very wonderful Christmas. Hugs from Gilda

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