November 19, 2007

  • Bridgette photos from this past weekend.

    She was here Saturday night and Sunday while Jessica worked (and will be back tomorrow night, along with Brianna, so Jessica and Jason can get him over to Baylor/Dallas early Wednesday morning for his back surgery):



    [dotingly]  Isn't she a poppet? 

    Late this afternoon the sound of heavy machinery intruded, so I went to check and by jingo, the town homes directly facing the street were being razed; here's the view from my porch:


    No permits have been filed with the city, so no one knows what's going to be built on the site. 

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  • I do hope it's a McDonald's or a Starbucks

    Brdgette is adorable!  Love the "halo" around her head.

  • I do know how to spell "Bridgette" but a wayward finger hit a key before I could change it.

  • Oh Anne!  Doesn't that give you a feeling of angst?  I just hate it when they carve up the neighborhood and make it all different than it's always been.  Lois, you're a caution!

  • Well, sort of, Gilda, but not as much as you'd think. Those town homes had not been an asset to the neighborhood, I fear. Very transient. Tended to be unkempt, though some families would try to keep theirs up.

    It's not zoned commercial, so most likely it'll be some of the higher-dollar town homes sprouting up around the neighborhood, which sell for amounts that make me blink.

  • Bridgette is adorable.  I can't wait to cuddle with her.  Faith can't wait to play with her.  She and Faith do look similar.  It looks like the Ivy is starting to come out in your grandkids after all.  I think Faith resembles Alex more as she grows.

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