November 17, 2007

  • Dmitry has finally seen an American circus.

    This afternoon I took Dmitry, Carolyn, and Ravinn to the Moslah Shrine circus at Will Rogers Coliseum, and a good time was had by all.


    Lions and tigers and monkeys, oh my! (They didn't have any bears.) Oh, and elephants:


    My phone's camera couldn't handle the lights very well, washing out most photos. Most annoying. The elephants were available for rides for $7, and my goodness, that was a popular thing to do! I tried to get Dmitry to ride one ("Think of Sveta's reaction when she sees a photo of you on an elephant!") but he proved disappointingly reluctant to cooperate.

    There were my favorite acts, the dude who runs on the outside of a twirling wheel ("The Wheel of Death (or Terror, there's some disagreement about the exact name)"), the motorcycle that rides to the top of the coliseum on a wire, plus the motorcyclists who zoom madly around inside a ball. How they keep from smashing into each other, beats me. The finale, naturally was the Human Cannonball. Below is a photo of the zooming-motorcyclists-wheel with the cannon behind it:


    My phone's camera had trouble with quite a bit due to the lights, but by golly, I managed to get the Human Cannonball:

    Wanna hear something depressing? That guy's 65 years old. =8^o

    We had a super time, though, with the girls deeming the circus "awesome!" ;^)

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  • Why would anyone NOT want to be a human cannonball?  Beats me.

    Let's hear it for senior cannonballs!

  • So what did he think of it? Is it so different from a Russian circus (assuming he's seen one?) I thought circuses were similar throughout the western world.

    BTW, BION, I've made it 42 years without ever seeing a live circus (seen some on TV, of course) and at this point I wouldn't be surprised if it's something I miss altogether!

  • Oh, he liked it very much. Yes, we went to the Moscow Circus on our adoption trip, so that's the circus he's seen prior to this. It was very nice, the Moscow Circus, but was mostly a combination of acrobatics and ballet. No monkeys, no elephants, and not a single motorcycle. Very uncircus-like to my mind!

    You're missing something, not going to a real, live circus. The four of us are already making plans to attend the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus next August.

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