September 25, 2007

  • Y'know, one would THINK I could manage to write 50K words in November.

    Heaven knows other writers - published ones, to boot - do so, and without having much of anything happen. I've been slowly reading a genre romance (hey, I've been running a fever and been lethargic...lemme alone) and it dawned on me that the book was half over and nothing had happened.  Nothing.  So far the entire story, if "story" it can be called, has been about the feelings of the protagonists. 

    In a Betty Neels book at least stuff happens to move the story along....the main character gets fired, maybe, or is hired to watch over a difficult case, or someone dies, thus changing her circumstances, etc.  Granted, there's a deal of coffee drinking that goes on (someone arrives?  coffee!  someone is leaving?  coffee!  someone arrives and is ready to go to bed?  coffee!) but still, various events occur which act to move the story along. 

    Not in this book.  There's been no change of circumstance apart from the one at the very beginning, when the once-married couple find themselves face to face again. 

    This woman's managed to write thousands of words without taking the trouble to devise a plot, so why the heck can't I? 

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  • My writing philosophy is this: Establish characters solidly. Then Create Tension. Maybe stupid. Maybe serious. Just tension. And then your characters will solve it for you. ;) Sometimes it works. Sometimes it's more like "Oh dear, did I just finish the past three chapters with someone crying himself to sleep?" But usually it turns out okay. :)

  • Sounds reasonable! Maybe that's my problem...I focus on plot instead of characters.

  • Hey, if Seinfeld was a show about nothing and it made gazillions, surely you can write about nothing.  

  • Hey I love the new hair.

  • I can't wait for Nanos writing this will be my 1st real try.  Last year it was big just to register.  Haha

  • Heather! Are you going for it? =8^o

    Well, about incentive.

  • Here's an idea.  Take a book or series that you enjoy, and write a sequal, sort of, just change a few little things abotut he characters and their names, and you already have some ideas.  Have you ever wondered what happened to the characters when the move or book ends?  You could write their future.

    Or you could write a story about your life or certain events, or about someone you know (dmitri, maybe).  That would be fun.  You could write your life however you dream it.  No one has to know it's a biography.  Just write it like a Novel.

  • Actually, that's a good idea, that of taking an existing story and writing a sequel!

    Hmmmm.....gonna chew on that for a while.

  • I forget who it was who said that the idea for a great novel should be able to be written on the back of a matchbook. Try this:  think of two places far apart in the world.  Now imagine two people in those places.  Now bring them together in a comedy of coincidences, where they never quiiiiiite meet eachother, but come incredibly close to doing so-- and then finally they meet. You end the story with them finally realising the others' existence for the first time, never knowing how close they'd been before. maybe they find an object the ther left somewhere, and then the other sees it in the other's possession. Maybe it happens to *both* of them!

  • That would fit on the back of a matchbook?

    Good suggestion, Eleanor!

  • Non fiction seems like worth a try. Fictionalize an idea you come up with based on something that you know of or have had happpen to you. Good luck!!

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