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  • I hate to disagree, Anne, but...ick. Good account...horrible media. I can't stand this kind of animation. It makes everything look like plastic Barbie dolls. Ecch.

  • Well, there one is. I like animation.

    Still think Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" is one of the most romantic films made, animation or not.

  • Well, I like animation. I just don't like this kind very well, not for Bible accounts. Personal thing. I do like it for things like Disney stuff, though-- and Beauty and the Beast *was* one of the best, I think.

  • I was pretty down on the idea -- I've kind of lost my taste for Hollywood Bible -- but then there was that Alfred Molina yell. That guy is just cool. I can't figure out what part he's playing, though.

  • I really hate the idea of putting a supposed voice of God or types of images of God on screen. The burning bush I believe is a type of image. I won't get controversial here as this is my first post and I came to support you not argue :D . I'm hoping this movie doesn't make a big splash especially with the iffeminate Elliot Gould playing the part of God.


  • That's an interesting take on the second commandment, however. I dislike images intended to represent Christ, but hadn't thought in terms of voices.

    Huh. Need to chew on that awhile.

    I'm not certain an effectively disembodied voice lends itself to idolatry as readily as an image.

    Oh, and welcome to my blog!

    If no one else is going to see it, may I have y'all's share of popcorn?

  • Alfred Molina must certainly be playing Pharoah.  But I sure wish I could see HIM play it, instead of a computer-generated thingy.

  • By the way, I spend most of my day in NewYork and seeing celebrities all over the place is old-hat for us here but I once saw Elliot Gould on a corner scratching a lottery ticket.  I found it a bit funny but this is yet another reason I would rather have anyone play God's voice rather than him. lol.

    Thanks for the welcome sister, I used to have a forum but recently decided to just let it go since I don't get many visits anymore.  I hope yours is successful for fellowship.

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