May 22, 2007

  • Oh, will Friday EVER come?!?

    Dmitry is counting the hours until Friday, which bids fair to be a good day, indeed.

    First, of course, it's the last day of school.  Always a good thing. 

    But the Mega Treat is what happens after school gets out at noon, which is when I fetch him and Raven and take them and their respective luggage (a large suitcase for her, his backpack for him) to Carolyn's house, from whence they will depart with Carolyn's mother and stepfather for her grandparents' house in Oklahoma for two nights. 

    Dmitry cannot wait.  "Is it Friday yet?  Now?  How about now?"  e-hairout

    If he has even half the good time he's happily anticipating, he'll have fun indeed. 

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  • Wow!  I'm sooo excited for Dmitry!  I assume they will be well-chaperoned - sounds like they have feelings for each other.  But wait - who is Raven?  I missed hearing about her.

  • Raven is Carolyn's best friend, who attends Eagle Academy with Dmitry, and was instrumental in arranging for them to meet. So it'll be the three of them with Carolyn's parents and grandparents.

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