March 29, 2007

  • Even moving it to Las Vegas couldn't revive it, t'would appear; "it" being the Miss America pageant.

    ABC had dropped it, then it was picked up by Country Music Television, and now that network's dumping it.

    It's reaching the point of being embarrassing, really.  Get a clue, one cares about the Miss America pageant any longer.  Stick a fork in's donee-rolleyes2

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  • It's the victim of opposing cultural trends. Many of those who in the past may have regarded it as harmless entertainment are now more sensitive to things like exploitation and sexualization and view it as distasteful in that context; those who had no illusions about what they were looking at can find much simpler ways of getting even more of an eyeful without having to listen to the silly speeches.

    So there aren't too many people left in the middle who wants to spend an evening looking at underdressed airheads blathering on.

  • I can remember when it was a "must see" event.  I watched it every year and discussed it at length afterwards with friends.  It was a Very Big Deal Indeed.  But I haven't watched it for 40 years or so.

  • And remember, it's not a beauty pageant. It's a scholorship program.

    (From Miss Congeniality)

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