January 29, 2007

  • My apologies for the unusual silence, but I’ve been busy getting ready for Charles to come home tomorrow!  

    Amazing the stuff one finds when one delves into nooks, crannies, cupboards and drawers that have been left undisturbed for a decade or more.  This wasn’t from that long ago, but still, I hadn’t seen it in a while; it’s a photo taken by Dmitry’s host family of his Bright Futures’ group when they were here in November of 2002:


    Do you spot Dmitry there on the far left?  He’s wearing a baseball cap backwards.  And in the red jacket over to the right is Dan.  What blows me away is to look at the difference in size between the boys back then, when Dmitry was 12 and Dan was 14.  This past weekend when I saw the two of them together it was apparent that Dmitry is as tall as Dan now!

    I’ve told him for years that Charles wasn’t tall at all for ages, and in fact didn’t really shoot up until he was 17 or so, and there’s no saying the same thing won’t happen with him.  And by jingo, it looks as if I were right.  

    Oh, and naturally there’s a cold front expected to come through tomorrow, bringing a chance of frozen precipitation on Wednesday!  Won’t Charles be excited about that

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