January 25, 2007

  • Hmmmm....six odd things about me, eh?

    I'm actually one of the dullest, most average people that ever graced the planet, so this isn't gonna be easy.  Let me think, though....

    1.  I loathe virtually all seafood with the exception of . . . prepare yourself . . . canned tuna.  Well, solid water-pack tuna.  The pricier stuff.  I love it.  Really.  Had a tuna casserole tonight, in fact.  Tuna croquettes.  Tuna salad.  Tuna-stuffed potatoes.  Yum!  That's good eatin'.  However, over the years it's come to my attention that a lot of the people around me have a strange, inexplicable antipathy to canned tuna.  Weirdos.  I pity their sorry state.

    2.  I rarely wear make-up.  Not only do I not wear make-up, I don't color my hair, either.  And I don't wear jewelry except on those occasions I'm all gussied up, including having slapped on some eye make-up and lipstick.  It'd be nice to pretend it's because I've a soul above such mundane matters of vanity, but unfortunately it's mostly because I'm so gosh darn lazy.  Putting on make-up's bad enough, heaven knows, but having to take the crud off late at night when I'm tired....?  Yuck. 

    3.  I almost always wear dresses.  Okay, when I go to Curves obviously I wear pants, and I've a couple of capri-pant sets I like to wear in the summer but still . . . the overwhelming odds are when I'm dressed, it's in a dress.  Cotton knit.  One piece.  Washable.  Usually doesn't need ironing.  Did I mention how gosh darn lazy I am?

    4.  I live one mile (Yahoo! maps says so) from where I lived as a kid.  How many people can say that, eh?  (Okay, my sister Elaine can whup up on me in this regard, as it happens.) What's more, I've lived in this house for 27 1/2 years.

    5.  I have a favorite Russian singer, Larisa Dolina, and not only listen to, but sing along with, her CDs while driving. 

    6.  Most years I've not seen a single one of the movies nominated for an Oscar.  This year is no exception, BTW.  Checked the list and there's not one I've seen.  I've also never seen "24" (what's it about?), "American Idol", "Survivor", or any of the other shows that seem to have caught the attention of the American public.  To be honest, however, I did watch Emmit Smith when he danced for the "Dancing With the Stars" final against Mario someone or other.  Marco?  Something like that, anyway.

    That's about all I can think of. 

    So I'm supposed to tag six others?  Then I tag Elaine, Eleanor, Sue (Beth's aunt), Beth (though I'm not sure her computer's behaving itself), Aisling, and Tim.  (I'd have tagged Alex only he's off on a Navy ship.  What some people won't do to avoid being tagged.)

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  • Give me a day to think about this, and I will get back to you.

  • Okay, Eleanor has played, and durnburn her, she's much more interesting than I.

  • Cars, Anne - you've seen Cars, haven't you?  Please say yes!

  • Um, well, I was sitting in the living room for about five minutes when Don and Dmitry were watching it.

    I daresay that doesn't count?

  • It's fun to see what people feel is weird about themselves. My sister tells me that I'm weird on a regular basis, but I'm sure it's only because she's just as odd as I am And I don't think that you're weird or dull!

  • I actually got to watch ten minutes of "American Idol" last week. First (and probably last) time. It's actually kind of ugly and freakish. But what I saw was the very first day, when they're playing the freak card big, in order to get people watching...I guess.

  • Ugly and freakish....yeah, those are two attributes I look for in a television show. =8^o

  • Haven't you watched "Top Chef" on Bravo Wednesday nights at 9pm? It's the only reality show I watch - and I am HOOKED! Have them all Tivoed for mindless entertainment. Give'em a try.....(how can anyone not like salmon, crab and lobster?)

  • Well, me. I like the vacuum-packed salmon alright...so long's it's made into croquettes...but wouldn't touch crab or lobster with a barge pole.

    It sounds like a neat show, actually, only I don't think we get Bravo.

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