December 31, 2006

  • Mercy Maud, is it New Year’s Eve already?

    Unbelievable.  Surely it hasn’t been almost a year since Charles signed up for the Navy, preparing to leave the end of January.

    Apparently that’s how long it’s been, though, and Mom had the annual New Year’s Eve party to prove it.  A lovely party, except Jonathan wasn’t feeling well so he didn’t come, Jessica’s working, and Justin and Jill are in Bowie at her mother’s house.  Fortunately the family’s large enough that even with those absentees there was a pleasant turnout, including Alex, Beth and Hannah making a webcam visit, to the delight of those present:

    Dec06 333sm

    Okay, Dmitry was amusing himself with either his phone or the Nintendo DS, but the ones in back clearly show where the computer was, don’t they? 

    Dec06 337sm

    Dad and Meredith chatting with Alex.  Meredith would leave periodically but then, like a comet, she’d show up again.  She spent a fair amount of time visiting both with Aunt Jeanne and Alex:

    Dec06 345sm

    Dec06 346sm

    Isn’t she a poppet?  As is her cousin, Hannah:

    Dec06 350sm

    Hannah’s an artistic li’l critter; here’s a fingerpainting she did:

    Dec06 353sm

    I’m going to print it out and hang it up with the other children’s pictures. 

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  • It was sure greta to see everyone.  Hopefully, more people will get web-cams and Windows Live Messenger (which is free), and then we can see and talk to family more often.  Web-cams are relatively cheap, too.  hint, hint, hint

  • And webcams make wonderful gifts, too!

    Why, Matt’s birthday is on Tuesday, and Jonathan’s birthday on the 27th, Grandmama’s birthday’s on the 29th, Justin’s birthday on February 17th, Jessica’s birthday on March 12th….

    Hmmmm. I wonder if there are volume discounts?

  • If you got webcams for all of those households, Anne, none of you need ever leave your homes for family parties!

    Happy New Year!


  • Yeah, but you can’t hug via webcam.

    Now, if they ever come up with hugcams or webhugs, then we may turn into a bunch of hermits, but not till then.

    Happy New Year (a few minutes early) to you, too!

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