December 30, 2006

  • Setting aside the question of whether or not the late President Ford
    was an important president or not, I think suspending mail service on
    January 2 in his honor - so that there's no mail delivered on Sunday,
    Monday or Tuesday - is
    unreasonable.  Three consecutive days of no mail?  Two in a row is
    common as mud, but I can't recall the last time there was no mail for three days in a row.

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  • Meaning no disrespect to President Ford, who is obviously not missing his mail anymore, I agree with you. Because of the snow storm my mail has been spotty at best the last two weeks (no mail delivery for the past day or two.....again. I should post a picture of my neighbor's mail box, because we've gotten so much snow that our street can not be adequately cleared their mailbox may not be seen until April. Luckily the plow didn't 1. hit our mail box (he's done that before and 2. we don't have a huge drift over our mailbox (instead it is across the street in our driveway/yard. So, yes I can tell you what it's like to have no mail for three days in a's wonderfully devoid of bills (but also of more entertaining correspondence like say....Christmas cards!)

  • I thought that seemed odd, too. Did any other president get such honor?

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