December 28, 2006

  • Okay, this is the sort of thing only the mother…

    …of a couple of sailors would find of interest, but I am, so it is.  I mean, I do.  Whatever.

    In 2007 the standard Navy uniforms will be changed to these; here’s the work uniform:


    The sleeves roll up for warm weather.  Buttons are hidden.  And the new service uniform:


    The ultra-traditional enlisted man’s dress whites (the uniform Charles
    wore when he arrived home last August) are to remain unchanged, I

    BTW, the uniform allowance will be increased next year because of the
    switchover.  I daresay Alex and Charles will be relieved to learn that
    (of course, they doubtless have already seen and heard this info).

    Tell you what I’m unclear about, though, and that’s when the service uniform is worn. 

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  • Actually, I misspoke, as the new uniforms won’t start showing up until June ’08, not ’07, and recruits won’t be issued them until Oct. ’08.

    According to the Navy Times article: “The digital blue cammies are slated to replace seven working uniforms for officers and enlisted. These include the current enlisted utility, working khakis, winter working blues and aviation greens, as well as the current woodland and desert camouflage utility uniforms.

    “Officials have said that coveralls will cease to be a formal Navy uniform — meaning sailors will not be required to maintain them with nametapes and other insignia. However, it’s expected that they will be issued by either the Navy or individual commands as an option for ‘dirty work.’”

    And the service uniform will be a year-round affair, so sailors won’t need to have both winter and summer garb.

  • People would wear the service uniform for working in an office or something.

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