June 29, 2006

  • There's Tacky, and then there's Too Tacky For Words.

    Falling into the latter category is this story I read in Coffee News, the nice freebie newsheet distributed in some restaurants (I was in a coffee store this afternoon, where I picked it up):

    Rogernas de Silva won a Mercedes in a lottery, but the Brazilian maid was told by her employers they deserved a share of it because she bought the ticket while shopping for their groceries.  De Silva, who lives in Rio de Janeiro, ended up taking her employers to court where a judge decided that she had full ownership of the car.  Her employers already have four cars.  De Silva, who lives in a slum in the sprawling city, said she was glad the nightmare is over.  "I get to keep the car.  I'm going to sell it now and buy myself a house."

    Can you imagine?  Being so well off you own four cars, but trying to horn in on your maid's lottery win?  Talk about greedy! 

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  • Money and power corrupt!! Without a doubt. It takes a very strong heart and moral sense to not be convinced that you deserve more money and power and others don't. I quit buying lottery tickets. 1st I don't approve of governments supporting gambling and 2nd I'm afraid I might win. I don't want my heart and moral sense tested!!

  • Hey, how do you think they got so rich?  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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