June 29, 2006

  • You don't think Rowling would actually kill off Harry Potter, do you?

    That'd be really tacky.  For Pete's sake, heaps of children read the series, and the first, inviolate rule is the Hero always, always, always survives.  Yes, I know in real life Bad Things Happen and Good Guys Croak, but that's what is supposed to be one of the positive elements of fiction....the Good Guys don't croak.

    Wouldn't it be frightful if she did that, and other authors picked up on it? 

    Will Kinsey Milhone escape this time, too, or will her luck have run out?  Nancy Drew might become Nancy Who.  The Bobbsey Twins bite the dust.

    Look, Rowling wants to kill off Snape, be my guest.  Draco?  I'd cheer wildly.  Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Neville should be hale and hearty when the last page is finished, though.

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  • I think Neville will die a martyr's death, or he will become Head. If Hermione buys the farm, Ron and Harry will live. I think Harry will live and so will Malfoy.  What I really think is that she is doing some amazing marketing for her next book. Some people just never have enough money, ya know?

  • She's got more money than the blinkin' queen, for crying out loud!

    All from the Potter books. Amazing!

  • No, Hermione lives because she and Ron will marry.  I think one's Snape, but it will be the kind of death that will justify everything he's done.  For the second...?  I love Neville, and hope it's not him, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were after all.  Remember his birth and Harry's both fit the prophecy.

  • I don't know. The Bobsey Twins Bite the Dust sounds like a catchy title.

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