June 26, 2006

  • Just a couple of Monday morning nothings....

    First, one would suppose somebody at the local Girl Scouts council would think "Y'know, an address for the Morrison Lodge (site of the day camp) is likely a good idea, and maybe a really good map."

    Regrettably, one would suppose wrong.  Kirstin called me this morning, frustrated in her attempt to follow the inadequate map provided, and wondering if I could get on the net to find better directions.

    Um, that would be no.  Oh, I got on the internet, but was unable to even locate an address, much less a map.  Scoured the Circle T council website and found lots of info with the glaring exception of WHERE the place IS.  Finally called the council office and had the nice young lady there call Kirstin's cell to tell her how to get to the day camp from wherever she was.

    Second, the city blacktopped the street that runs along the house last Friday and it caused me to realize something I'd overlooked.....wow, but they've improved the method of doing so!  Thinking about it, I can't recall the last time I suffered the pain of driving on a newly-blacktopped street while listening to the constant "ping! ping! ping!" of bits of asphalt and tar hitting the car.  In just a couple of hours the street was dry, smooth and driveable.  Much better than the old days.