June 26, 2006

  • Had a lovely, long phone conversation with Charles this afternoon.    Upwards of an hour, it was! 

    He sounds good.  Took another marksman test and this time scored
    "Expert", coming in one point behind the top ranked shooter, and six
    points off "perfect."  Not bad for a kid who'd never fired
    anything other than pellet guns until he joined the Navy, huh? 
    Oh, and the top ranked guy?

    From Dallas.  Argh!  Charles said he led most of the time
    until he began to really concentrate and aim.  Apparently he's
    more of an instinctive shooter, for when he tries hard he messes up.

    When asked about his classes, he said he's doing well (got a 90 on his
    first test) and is getting into the classified stuff.  Once on his
    boat he (and presumably at least a few others) will be in charge not
    only of the "weapon systems" on the sub, but all the
    guns.  In fact, when the sub surfaces and sails into port, Charles
    will be on the top with an M-16, alert for anyone posing a threat.

    A tall, thin, redheaded, freckled, Steely-eyed Killer From the Deep, that's him. 

    Still hasn't been able to drive his nifty new Corvette, as he's not
    been able to get it registered yet.  One of his superiors has told
    him he may have off Wednesday afternoon to get that done, on one

    The superior officer wants a chance to drive it. 

    Apparently that shiny red Corvette is driving all those sailors
    demented, as so far it just SITS there.  Against nature, that's
    what it is.  Something tells me as soon as he gets it registered
    so he can legally drive it, he's going to enjoy an upsurge in
    popularity.  "Hey, Ivy!  How ya doin'?"

    BTW, Charles says he should be home August 18th or 19th, so he'll be able to see Alex before the latter leaves for Japan!  e-banana  
    Maybe we'll even have them all here at the same time, with Alex, Beth
    and Hannah in Dmitry's room, and Charles and Dmitry in the middle
    bedroom.  The new sanctuary at Christ Chapel opens that Sunday,
    the 20th, and won't it be delightful to have them present?  Alex
    is planning upon playing in the orchestra, which will be great. 
    If one tuba's good, believe me, two tubas are better.  e-batting

    Oh, and here's a neat thing about being in the military!  While
    he's at sea, Charles will be able to pay only for comprehensive on his
    car, since it'll be parked and not being driven.  I questioned
    this, but was assured it's done for the military, along with his cell
    phone.  When he's at sea he needn't pay for it but his number's
    kept, and when he lands again he just calls up and has it restarted.

    He should be getting his orders shortly, and is confident he'll receive
    his request, which is to stay right there in Groton.  Between
    ready access to New York City, Boston, etc. and visiting Canada,
    Iceland, Europe and north African ports when at sea, he chose to stand
    pat.  No one else did, though, so he's sure he'll get his wish.

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  • I'm so glad that you got to talk to Charles for a while! God bless our sailors!

  • I so hope Charles gets the Groton assignment!  It will be great to have him in the States!  And what a responsibility to be in charge of all the weapons systems on the sub - sounds alot better than a machinist mate (which is what I thought he was going to be).  What an adventure!

  • Turns out "machinist's mate" covers a plethora of assignments. It's really quite astonishing, the number of positions that fall under that heading.

  • Such good news - congratulations!

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