April 24, 2006

  • Amazon.com is efficient to a truly frightening degree. This afternoon I
    ordered a refurbished Kitchen Aid blender (a steal at $39.99 with free
    shipping), and immediately upon completing the online purchase here came
    the order confirmation into my email box.

    Four and one-half hours later I received a "Your order has shipped" notice.

    That's impressive.

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  • Boy, you must be on their good side!! About half of my orders from Amazon don't ship for days and days. But I will say I ordered a dvd from them a while back and it was on my doorstep the day that it was released into the stores, I was amazed and impressed....especially since I am convinced that Colorado has the slowest mail service in the world. I can mail a letter to my mom in California and she gets it in about 4 days. I mail a letter to my brother who lives 20 minutes down the road and it takes about 10 days. I could walk it there faster.

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