April 17, 2006

  • 102°! 

    It's HOT.  

    yet 2 p.m. on April 17....surely a date evocative of gentle zephyrs and
    mild temperatures....and it's 95º.  Supposed to top out three
    degrees higher'n that, but I wouldn't be surprised if it hits the
    century mark.  e-7_mad

    Bah, humbug!  e-faint

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  • Too. Hot. Why didn't we get a real fall/winter/spring this year ? It's just summer. Ugh!!!

    And we're planning on going to the park after school, I was going to grab myself a Chai on the way, but I'm thinking I won't enjoy it too much in this heat. Maybe we'll grab some ice water and a dublin dr pepper at chicken express instead!

  • Much more sensible. Especially the Real Deal Dr. Pepper.

    Find a shady park with lots of leafy trees.

  • Oh my goodness...  Poor Anne!  Come visit me here in Virginia if you can.  We're still having chilly nights and cool-warm days.

  • Oh my!! Yesterday we had summer like weather (for out altitude that would be in the 70's) today it's cold and windy and tonight we're supposed to have a hard freeze. Typical for here (maybe a tad warm). Make yourself a big pitcher of iced tea and find a cool spot!.

  • When I left the garage yesterday at 2:45 the temp on the car registered 101f. By the time I got 6 or 8 blocks it was 103 and when I parked the car it was 104!!! As I drove home at 4PM it was 106!!!!!! The hottest the car temp has registered as yet. Many years. Drat. Thank goodness for air conditioning.

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