April 16, 2006

  • It's a bit shy of 4 p.m. and here we are.....been to church and to Kirstin and Matt's house for a lovely Easter lunch, including an egg hunt.  This should be the last year Christ Chapel holds Easter services at Will Rogers' Auditorium, as the move-in date for the new sanctuary is August 20th.  I dunno....considering how many people show up for the two services on Easter (a couple of thousand each time, I believe), either they're going to have to have more than two services, or the sanctuary's a whole lot bigger than I thought it's going to be.

    Dr. Kitchens preached an excellent sermon, regarding, reasonably enough, the resurrection of Christ and how the evidence supports its being true.  BION I even noticed Dmitry following along with the sermon notes, even attempting to fill in some of the blanks. 


    Charles called this morning to wish us a Happy Easter, having just returned from church on the base.  Said it was a very nice service.  He inquired as to when the family party would be, and called during it so he could talk to multiple family members.  This morning he told me while he's still hoping he'll get some significant time off between the end of sub school and the beginning of machinists' mate school, he might only get three days.  :^(

    Kirstin and Matt's house is admirably set up for a large party, with plenty of seating.  Dmitry hid the eggs for the egg hunt, which was amusing, seeing as how he's never actually hunted any himself.  He did a pretty decent job, I thought!  The funniest thing was the difficulty the kids had locating the very last egg, which was sitting in plain sight, at their eye level, on a window ledge:


    See it up there?  On the far left of the window ledge?


    See it?  It's still there! At one point all the children were right in front of that window, totally incapable of seeing it.  Finally Benjamin spotted it.  ;^)


    Just a picture of Marebear, with Brianna coming up from behind.  The girls looked too delicious in their Easter finery!  e-aw

    BTW, these photos were taken with my cell phone as I forgot to take a camera with me.  Here's one of Justin and Jill with little Cole, who's getting to be a big boy now, with hair and everything (not that you can see it from this angle):


    The other day I was at the SuperTarget close by, and came across one of those signing episodes that blow me away:


    Don't you love it?  Regularly $3.99, but on sale for 2/$8.  Even if I'd wanted one of those loaves I wouldn't buy one.  Does anyone pay any attention at all when they're placing the signs?  

    Just talked to Alex, who says Beth's mother is up there for the holiday, they went to church this morning (he played the tuba at two services and he and Beth minded babies at another one), then to a barbeque for lunch.  Sounds like they had a lovely Easter. 

    As I hope everyone here did. 

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  • Wonderful Kirstin and Matt outdid themselves!! What a fine party!! Appetizers, Ham, mashed potatoes, green bean and broccoli casseroles, a large mixed green salad, monkey bread, gluten free fudge pie, and gluten glutted cake!! Yum. Some of us did bring stuff, Anne the ham, Jeanne and John the potatoes, Elaine the gluten free fudge pie, and I brought the monkey bread, plus some silly deals I found at tom thumb that when you dropped them on the floor, they started rolling, laughing and singing dumb stuff, for $5 . Plus the chicken dancing chicken. You can tell the Great grandmom is a bit silly herself. I still love that chicken and took it home. Ha.

  • We had chicken dancing at our party too! Magaly was showing off her dancing abilities and when Aunt Robin mentioned the chicken dance she went right at it, along with her mama and Aunt Rob. But...she did NOT, I repeat, did not, like the Easter Bunny! She stayed as far away as possible, trembling like a leaf the whole time. When finally the bunny disappeared, she said, firmly, "Bunny go BYE BYE!" And later, when we were inside, someone mentioned the bunny and she got a worried look on her face and we all had to assure her, several times, "The bunny went home." And again, she said, "Bunny AWAY?" And she looked adorable and stayed clean, even with eating nearly nonstop all day. :)

    Glad you had a good day!


  • Those are good photos...and taken with your phone?  Very impressive.

  • I guess you don't get homeschoolers placing the price tags at Walmart.  That is hysterical.  I would have used that as a teaching lesson....or maybe I would have been in a hurry and bought them..

    Much love to you.

  • Your phone takes good pictures!!

    I love the sale price, I've noticed that every now and again at our store. Watch at bookstores too, once at Borders I was going to buy a book until I realized that the price printed on the book was $2 less than the price sticker that Borders had on it. I inquired about the difference and the clerk couldn't give me a good answer, so I bought the book elsewhere.

    Thank you for your advice and kind words. We have a very good insurance company and have been with them for years. They called this morning and were going to the shop to look at the car. It felt good too to have my neighbor up the street tell me that in the 13 years we've lived up here she's never seen me drive unsafely. So we'll see, I know it will all work out and I know that I wasn't in the wrong.

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