March 1, 2006

  • Does Spring burst out so fast anywhere as quickly and suddenly as it does here in Fort Worth?

    March 1st and the projected high is 88°, with trees showing green this morning and even a dogwood or redbud (whatever those white-blossomed trees are) blooming along Camp Bowie Boulevard, unlike yesterday. 

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  • It can happen here. We've had false sprints that've done that, only to be slapped down with a big March Nor'easter!

    And we're to be blessed with a moderate storm this week. Seven inches of snow expected. Spring has not arrived here!



  • beautiful day :)   We are soo going to be OUTSIDE today.

  • May I just remind you that a scant 3 months ago, you were having the same weather and fussing about it?

    Saturday, December 03, 2005

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    December? HA!It's 89° here at 2:30 p.m. 
    What do you wanna bet we hit 92°, minimum?
    Hard to fel Christmassy when it could easily be June.

  • That was December.

    This is March.

    Totally different. No comparison at all.

    [muttering] Gonna get a saw and cut down a particular plum tree, so I am.


  • Yes, at times having him around is like having an extra husband, ain't it? He remembers these goofy things to drop in our faces, just as a spouse does.

    Or maybe (since I never had one at all) it's the big/baby brother thing? Maybe they do that...

    Either way, Anne, I've done some choppin' in my day.


  • Hehehehe!

    Mom makes some first-rate plum jelly, BTW.

  • Not me , that's Naomi that makes plum jam to which I am addicted. I've made plum pie and it was a bit tart but as no one else liked it too well, I forced myself to put van ice c. on it and eat!!! Yum. I think the trees in question are flowering pears if they are the oval shaped ones. Plums are irregular. And it's in the 90's. Whine. 2 Weeks of winter. A looonnngg summer looommms. Hot. Blah. Thanks for air conditioning.

  • Unfortunatly, the weather changes too fast.  When we planned for Hannah's 1st birthday party to be Sunday, it was supposed to be lower 70s and sunny.  Now the weather says storms all weekend.  That stinks.  I was looking forward to a party in the park.  Oh Well.  Kirstin's house will be just as fun.  It's the family and friends your surrounded with that is important.  And, the weather can change back just as quick.  I'm praying for sun on Sunday.

  • As you say, the weather forecast changes on a dime around here, so I wouldn't be at all surprised to find the original plans working out great.

    And if worst comes to worst, Kirstin's house is a grand place for a party.

  • Time for Hannah to have a birthday? How'd that happen?

    Hope you have great weather and I know you'll have a blessed celebration.


  • Incredible, isn't it? =8^o

    Her actual birthday is on the 14th but Alex has this weekend off so they'll be in town for a family celebration. Can't wait!!!

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