February 28, 2006

  • Tomorrow's the day the would-be parents of Viktor and Vladimir head to Russia, hoping to return with them.

    This is not, shall we say, a Done Deal.  Not by a long shot.  The boys have an older brother, Sergei, who left the orphanage a few years ago, and is a truck driver.  Sergei does not want his brothers to be adopted, especially not to America, having had other siblings follow that path and he's never heard from them again.  The word is that he's planning upon submitting a letter to the court requesting the adoption be denied.

    John and Jacqueline are hoping to meet with him and allay his fears of losing his brothers completely, so he doesn't ask the court to forbid the adoption.  Plus, it would relieve Viktor's mind, particularly, if he has his older brother's blessing. 

    If y'all would pray for their safe travel (they have two sons here at home) and that Sergei's heart be softened toward them, I'd surely appreciate it.

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