February 26, 2006

  •  Well, dang.  The Olympic torch has been extinguished.  Has it really been over two weeks?  Doesn't seem like it!

    The story of the WWII Buffalo soldier finally receiving the Medal of Honor was incredibly moving, but also heartrending.  Black soldiers were banned from the PX and officers' club, though German POWs could enter them?  Horrible! 

    Wasn't it something that it took a hunter from Wyoming to sneak up the mountain when so many others had tried and failed?  And that the white captain abandoned the surviving men, taking the sole radio with him?  What a cowardly creep.

    The strange music to which the athletes entered the stadium continued.  And doggone if "YMCA" didn't show up again!  What's with the Italians and that song?  "Volare" is reasonably understandable, but "YMCA"?  What's up with that?

    How about that 125 mph wind supporting those guys in the air?  That looked like lots of fun.

    The Vancouver mayor in his wheelchair "waving" the Olympic flag was moving, wasn't it?  What an intrepid guy he must be. 

    The closing ceremony took a real nosedive when Ricky Martin took the stage, IMO.  Yuck.  e-thumbsdown

    Still, it was a super Winter Games on the whole, and there's no denying Bode Miller not managing to score a single medal added a certain element of amusement to them.  What a contrast between Apollo Ohno and him!

    On to Vancouver........

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  • Somehow I can well imagine Italians singing YMCA....somethin about their shirts open to the navel with gold chains and saying things like "caio"....driving mopeds....all that somehow kinda fits don't you think?  (boy was that over-generalized...my sweet Italian husband would probably have a fit ;0)  or more likely, laugh about it....)

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