February 24, 2006

  • Well, by jingo!  A dark horse won, can you believe it?  The favored American and Russian skaters took silver and bronze, respectively, while gold went to a Japanese girl of whom I, at least, had never heard.  

    Japan's very first figure skating gold. 

    Not to mention it was Japan's first medal, period, in these particular Winter Games.  That country's been having a really depressing time of it, up till last night. 

    Felt rather bad for Sasha Cohen, though....the jinx continues, doesn't it?  She simply cannot seem to pull it together at crunch time.

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  • Doesn't it seem kind of sad that these young, young people are spending their childhood, their high school years, their college years, all of it, in pursuit of something that may never happen? What happens if Sasha has to quit without having ever gotten the gold medal? Is she a failure? And suddenly she's an adult who's never had a childhood - what do ou do for an encore?

    I'm happy for the Japanese girl, and a silver's nothin' to sneeze at.


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