February 23, 2006

  • Now, this is the sort of on-line coverage I appreciate, i.e. when a
    news organization refrains from putting the Olympic results right smack
    where one cannot avoid them:


    Okay, I know Sasha Cohen fell, but that's all.  Maybe it was one of those times when nearly everyone
    in medal contention falls.  That's not unusual.  Point is, I don't know
    who took the gold, so I can watch the skating tonight in a state of
    pleasant anticipation.

    The Startlegram doesn't do much right, but give 'em their due....they did this right.

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  • I know,  know!!!  Unfortunatly, the olympic news coverage at 5 let everyone know who won.  I was looking forward to watching and finding out then.  Now it's like giving away the end of a movie or book.  I won't tell the results though.

    I'm rooting for the Russian girl.  She has worked hard so she can win and get the prize money to pay for her mom's medical bills.  That's so sweet.

  • We're pretty much rooting for her, too, though for slightly different reasons....ours is mostly that she's Russian.

    Actually, my real favorite is Kimmie Meisen, the 16 year old American whose score (59.something) held up until the Big Dogs skated. She was wonderful! I only hope she does as well this evening.

  • well, it kind of blew my mind, how the (most elegant, long legged, smooth, and clean) boringest skate took the gold. IMO, Sasha Cohen's routine had so much more going for it, in the passion and interest categories. Irena's, as well. She skated with MUCH more passion than the gold winner...who really did skate a perfect technical program, with smoothness and grace...and coolness...and boringness...LOL It was mind blowing that someone who fell down once, took a lower medal than one who fell down twice, as well.

    Oh, well. Figure skating is for watching, not scoring. IMO.

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