February 21, 2006

  • [irritably]  What's
    up with NBC's dogged determination to tell their viewers all about the
    feud between Chad Hedrick and Shani Davis?  I managed to avoid it
    during the Olympic coverage tonight, but darned if the local news isn't nattering on about it!

    So I changed to the dining room computer. 

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  • It is the nature of the beast. Media folk are sniffers-out-of-controversy. I was interviewed by a local reporter about Christian fiction, specifically the Chronicles of Narnia, and he zeroed in on some statement that JK Rowling had made about Lewis being a misogynist, because he has Susan forgetting about Narnia in order to focus on makeup and boys. I'd never even heard of this "alleged statement" but it did occur to me that the fellow was finding the most controversial detail to dig into.

  • It's also a ratings booster.  This Olympics is a snore.  You can always boost ratings by setting fire to something; people will come and watch anything burn.

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