January 30, 2006

  • Oopsie-doopsie!  Wouldn’t this be embarrassing?  Worse’n the time I upended a paper plate of food at a Junior Women’s club luncheon at someone’s house (fortunately it was in the kitchen).

    Museum visitor trips, breaks Chinese vases.

    Personally, though, it sounds to me as if the vases were kept in a stupid place. 

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  • Color his face red!! I’m so very grateful it wasnot me! And that wasn’t too good a place, for sure.

  • Yep, that would be more embarassing than when I accidently dumped my drink into a friends lap during a bunco game.

  • I read somewhere that the vases were on a windowsill.   Yes, that’s certainly where I’d put three vases worth a total of $45 million.  

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