January 30, 2006

  • You know, I deny no one a fair profit, but.....

    $36 BILLION dollars in profit at Exxonmobil?  Thirty-six billion???

    They don't think that's maybe just a smidge on the greedy side?  While we're unhappily trying to eke out $2.20+ per gallon gasoline so as to last as long as possible, the stockholders at Exxon are happy as pigs in clover.  When I think about how after Katrina we were shelling out upwards of three bucks a gallon, and how it wrecked the SUV and pick-up truck market last fall (my bro-in-law is sales manager at a Chevy dealership that mostly sells those types of vehicles....it was an ugly autumn), well, I could just spit.  

    Wonder how the CEO would respond to customers who reasonably object to what sure looks like price gouging; perhaps "Look after the pennies and the dollars take care of themselves"?

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  • Two different big shot economists on The Factor said they have increased profits because it's an increased market - The Japanese, and Indians are both buying much more oil. THAT'S why they made more money. Had nothing to do with your $2.25 a gallon, Anne. NOTHING. At least that's what those eggheads said.


  • and it's slop.  Pigs in slop.  I don't know the analogy for clover, but surely it's bunnies or something along those lines.

  • I think one is just generally "in clover," without reference to a particular species.

    I wonder how many gallons of oil and gas added up to that $36 billion? Maybe it wouldn't be so shocking if you considered that it's something that nearly every American uses quanities of nearly every day (directly or indirectly, by means of public transportation, power generation, well-oiled machines, etc.)

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