December 31, 2005

  • Happy New Year’s Eve! 

    We had a lovely time at a lovely party given by Mom and Dad this evening.  Unfortunately not all the family members could be there, but the ones who were ate heartily and had a super time:

    Besides the food, Mom provided masks and headwear of various types:

    Of course, some people didn’t “get it” at first:

    Finally, though, they got with the program, albeit a trifle unwillingly (the threat of hats and masks sent Charles right out the door and on home):

    It was lots of fun! 

    What a year for the family, as we were blessed with three new little ones:  Hannah, Cole, and Katie Elena. 

    And TCU won the Houston Bowl. 

    Life is good. 

    Hope y’all have a terrific, and safe, New Year’s Eve!

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  • Ha! I beat you to a blog by 45 minutes! Fast, that’s what I am…fast!

    Great pictures!

  • Looks like a great time! Those paper masks are a HOOT! Hazel and Robin and a couple of old friends and I have a TREMENDOUSLY fun memory of a day that included those masks, the breaking of a car’s sun roof, a rainy day, an old horse barn and a seeminly unwillingly transplanted curmudgeon.

    We giggle just thinking of it.

    I’m glad you had a good time together. Happy New Year!


  • I love the hats!!  What a great idea!

    Happy New Year!

    Love and God’s Blessings,


  • You, Elaine, do not have Dmitry and Taylor desperate to play Tibia. If *I* had unrestricted computer access I would have whupped you, hands down.

    The hats and masks were a brilliant notion, Mom!

  • Does Elaine have a new blog?  All I see is the one with the “precious kitty feet” as wallpaper, and the latest entry in a blog about not blogging.

  • Oops! Forgot to update the links section with it. Will do so pronto.

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