December 30, 2005

  • She's here! 

    Richard, Charles, Dmitry and I sallied forth to DFW airport, as did Don from work, and Alex, Beth, and Hannah, too.  Here are Charles and Alex greeting each other with a manly handshake:

    Joe and Helen were coming in to the new Terminal D, which is now the international terminal, and I'd never been there before.  Turns out there's a specific area for greeting arriving passengers, which is quite nice.  After a bit another family group showed up, and they took their place at the opposite side from us.  Eventually I noticed they were sporting cameras and a camcorder so asked them brightly if by chance they were meeting an adoption couple as well?

    Upon being told, why yes, they are, it occurred to me to inquire, "I don't suppose it's Joe and Helen, is it?"

    It was!  Turned out this was a contingent from her side of the family.    We joined forces, with Helen's bro-in-law mentioning he now recognizes Dmitry, as it was his kids that Dmitry went with to the rodeo shortly after his arrival in America.  Eventually the automatic doors parted and here they came!

    One of my very favorite pictures.....the two nine-month-old cousins meet for the first time:

    Here are Joe, Helen, their eight year old son, Cody, and Katie:

    Cody had been heard observing being overlooked is going to be his lot in life for a while, so I got a photo of him and his mama:

    Here's a picture I'd really looked forward to taking, only it didn't come together as I'd hoped.  Oh well!  Here are the Ivy brothers with their respective Gladney kids:

    Believe me, the pictures don't do Katie justice....those huge brown eyes are simply to die for. 

    Welcome to the family, Katie Elena!  We're thrilled you're here. 

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  • Wonderful photos, Anne. I'm so happy for the Ivy family to welcome yet another lovely child to your collection!


    She's beautiful and I'm sure she'll be happy to be an Ivy in no time at all.


  • I fear she's unaccustomed to men, as is common with children from orphanages. Often the only people they ever see are women, and men weird them out. Katie was fine with her mama, and with her grandmama, and with me, but Joe? Nope.

    That'll change in short order, no doubt.

  • She's a cutie! Where is she from again? Do they live in Fort Worth as well?

  • Praising God for another Covenant Child in the Ivy family!  Hurray!

  • She's from Guatemala, and they live in Haslet.

    Did y'all know Guatemala City has roughly 2.5 million people? Apparently this is the city of the original Krazy Drivers....according to Helen, whoever has the loudest horn has the right of way.

    I didn't even realize there were 2.5 million people in Guatemala, period, never mind the capital city.

  • Yay!!! Adoptions!!! Yay!!!

  • Anne, dear, what's up with your silly icons?

    They do confuse me!


  • I can switch 'em at will, that's all.

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