December 23, 2005

  • Just a few pix from yesterday before I ratchet into high gear in preparation for the start of our family's Christmas festivities this evening:

    Shortly after the kids left, Alex arrived with Beth and Hannah!

    Hannah required some persuading to eat her nice spinach and sweet potatoes.

    Uncle Louis dropped by and was delighted to make his newest niece's acquaintance.

    Beth and Hannah examining a Christmas scrapbook set.

    Isn't she a precious piece o' poppetry?

    Can't believe how Hannah's grown!  Is she really nine months old already? 

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  • She is certainly precious - I love the pigtails!

    They're all adorable, of course. Looks like quite a day was had by all.


  • They're precious!  How much fun you must've had, and great memories for them to boot!  God bless you and your family Anne, have a great Christmas!

  • I love pictures of grandkids lined up on the sofa.  It's always a challenge to get them all looking good at the instant the pic is taken.  And Hannah's hairdo in that next to the last picture - it's the look I'm going for in '06.

    What a joy to be around kids at Christmas. 

  • Nine months! Look at all that hair! I would've guessed 19.

    She's adorable :)

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