December 1, 2005

  • Well.  Here we are at December 1.  First day of the final month of 2005.

    Mercy Maud, but time goes by fast!    Can you believe a month from today is the first day of 2006?  Where’s the century gone, huh?  Where’s the dang century gone? 

    Last night we had a simple supper….Taco Bell’s packaged stacked-enchilada dish plus Rice-o-Roni’s Mexican rice.  Don was working late, Charles was due in (he’s flying to Chicago this afternoon to see his friend, Joseph, graduate from Navy boot camp in Great Lakes, MI) and I didn’t know if he’d be hungry, so something like this seemed advisable.

    Dmitry absolutely adored it.  He’d have scarfed down the whole thing given half a chance, I think.  At one point he wondered aloud, “Mom, why is Mexican food so delicious?”

    [sniff]  I was just so darn proud.

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  • Yea!!! Even more Texan!! Instead of TexMex he be RusTex! Or TexRus? Hmmm. Oh well, I think he’s a winner, whatever!!

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