November 29, 2005

  • Tomorrow is the last day of NaNoWriMo and I'm feeling quite guilty at having dumped Mercy Maud! like I did.

    Except let me clue you in on something:  If you don't have
    anything to say, writing is Very Hard Work.  Seems easy enough,
    doesn't it?  Just write!  Pay no never mind to whether it's
    good or not, or logical, or amusing, or interesting, or possesses any
    virtue whatsoever, just put words on the screen.

    How difficult can it be?

    Incredibly difficult.  Bizarrely difficult.  Mind-numbingly difficult.

    Gives a person a whole new appreciation for nonsense verse, that's for
    sure.  I vaguely recall having to do some "free association"
    writing back in school, and found it nearly impossible then, too. 

    Fact is, it's nearly impossible to write unless one has something to say.

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  • I had to bail this year as well, sad to say. Worst Nano ever. Maybe next year I'll do better. year when I'll have a 17 month old AND a 3 month old to contend with.


  • Who DID finish, then? I didn't. You didn't. Heidi didn't. Kelly didn't.

    Justagirl, it's up to you, I guess.

  • Willena did - she's up to 72,000 and still going strong from what I can tell!

  • I don't know her.

    She doesn't count. >;^>

  • Well, she comments at Carmon's blog and so do you.  That's the equivalent of having been introduced. :-p

  • How about writing the saga of thinking about adoption from Russia, deciding about adopting from Russia, meeting people involved., changing mind? never changing mind? hearing discouraging words from "some people?" paying no mind. Talking about where he would live? etc etc etc. I think you could use some of the blogs you wrote all that time ago and put together a very interesting saga. Unless Dimi doesn't like the idea. Of course, you could promise him half of the profits!! That might work. Think about it.

  • As good as an idea as your mother had, let me say, "It's a little late!" 

    Claude & Maude could meet this couple, say Charles & Kristin, at the Glad Knees thing, fall head over heels for them and their desire to adopt an older 6th child to their already large family, and then do all they can to help them make two trips to Russia, neither of them having any first hand experience in doing so.  I bet they could even do something silly, like go bowling or go to a faux amusement park while biding their time before seeing the judge.

    On second thought, a little from all of us and our remembers, and  poof, you can still make the deadline.

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