November 29, 2005

  • Dmitry's come up with a way for him to practice his Russian.

    He's in charge of answering all out-of-area, etc. phone calls. 

    Really fritzes out those on the other end of the line, to be greeted with "Da?" followed by a torrent of Russian. 

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  • I. Love. It.!!!

  • A few minutes ago he must have got hold of someone utterly determined, for he settled comfortably into Don's recliner and got quite chatty. Finally he regretfully said "Dasvadanya" and hung up.

  • ROFLOL!  He's such a card.

  • That's our boy!! Now he's a real Ivy, Gambill  independent minded fellow!! Right on , Dmitry.,  PS. note I finally spelled it properly. I can and do learn eventually. Just don't ever give up.

  • Absolutely love it! Just wish my John still remembered his Ukrainian. I'd put him to work with the telemarketer who has been calling 5 or more times a day.

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