November 29, 2005

  • Tomorrow after BSF I'll make a run to Arlington to Texas Appliances, in
    an attempt to locate a couple of refrigerator models I can find online,
    but no one actually has on-site.  Mind, eager offers of ordering
    one or the other are always forthcoming, but as I said, I simply refuse
    to order a fridge based solely on the internet.  I want to open
    the doors, etc. and get a feel for it.

    But darned if virtually every retailer of size around here doesn't
    carry pretty much the same darn models!  There's a certain Maytag
    available on the floor of Lowes, Best Buy, Sears, and Oliver
    Dyer.  It's okay, I suppose, but it doesn't really do much for
    me.  OTOH, perhaps the fact all these companies have elected to
    carry it means it's a reasonably decent model.

    There's a GE and an Amana I would really like to see first, though.

    The Samsung's a nonstarter, BTW.  What a mercy I finally noticed
    it hasn't got split shelves in the fresh food section....they're all
    one piece and fixed, and the door bins are fixed as well.  There
    would be no way to stand a bottle of wine or anything tall in that
    refrigerator, so o-u-t goes it.  Pity!  It was the most
    attractive one of the bunch.

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  • I hate shopping for refrigerators. We have a side by side which I'd like to replace with something counter deep and maybe a bottom freezer. The side by side may hold a lot, but it's so narrow that it isn't convenient. And I agree all of the stores seem to carry the same inventory.

  • We just bought a new stove from Home Depot.  When the salesman checked the availability at the distributor's, he found there were over 200 OF THAT MODEL on hand!   Guess which model Home Depot is pushing these days?

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