October 30, 2005

  • Signs of the times, on a personal level:  This evening Dmitry went
    to 5 o'clock service as he normally does, for the high school
    discipleship team(s) meeting is held afterward.  Tonight was a
    costume party, but he and Dan and the other boys were skipping the
    costume part.

    Russians don't do the costume thing, I've noticed.

    Anyway, about 6:15 or so I heard Dmitry's voice outside, so went to let
    him in.  Turns out the party was off-site and they weren't sure
    precisely where, so elected to give it a miss. 

    The person behind the wheel of the snazzy new Kia Rio parked in front of our house was none other than Dan
    He got his license last week, as I think I mentioned a few days ago, so
    he was able to give Dmitry a ride home (a matter of maybe four
    residential blocks), which Dmitry obviously considered to be much cooler than being hauled around by parents.

    Sorry, Bill and Laura.   
    Mind, there's no doubt being driven by y'all is cooler than being
    driven by Don and me, but we're all four eclipsed by the coolness of
    being driven by Dan.

    Dmitry solemnly assured me Dan's the best driver in the world.

    He can tell a lot in the space of four blocks, apparently.