October 29, 2005

  • This evening was the Hoot & Howl, at which Brianna's dance class performed:

    There was one girl to the left (out of the photo), and two sisters
    didn't show.  The ones who did appear danced to "Purple People

    Brianna's on the left, and there's Jessica applauding the girls as they come off the stage.

    Brianna was chosen to be in the Best Costume contest.  (Since
    we've not heard from Jessica tonight, I suppose she didn't win.) 
    What with the sun going down and the wind picking up, we were
    sure glad she was dressed so warmly.

    Before we went home, Don and I stopped by the new SuperTarget, where
    the Christmas decorations were being put out.  Tell you what has
    grown to immense proportions and that's the selection of lights for

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  • I love Brianna's costume, it is darling and looks warm. It is, of course, supposed to snow here tomorrow.

    That's a lot of Christmas lights, which reminds me I need to pick up some more bulbs for our Christmas lights.

  • She's so blonde, it really suited her. And I recall when the assortment of boxes lights didn't take up much room at all, and were offered in white and multicolor. Come to that, I recall when the minilights first appeared! Things have changed a bit in the interim.

  • Brianna's costume is just beautiful and she looks so good in it.  I hope she can wear it on other occasions because it's really a show-stopper.

  • Great minds must think alike. I got my daughter the same costume. It sure beats the heck out of those costumes we used to have as children. You know the ones. Came in a box with a hard plastic mask on top and a probably flammable jumpsuit with a design in glitter to show whether you were a policeman or a fireman or a nurse.

  • I've been telling Dmitry about those, AAMOF! How we'd troop down to Mott's Five & Dime and choose a boxed costume. That's what everyone did, though, and it was lots of fun.

    If you'll email me a photo of your daughter in hers, it'd be my pleasure to post it.

  • Brianna is Snogorichka, isn't she? *gri* Bet Dmitry thought so, too.

  • That's a bought costume?  I assumed she'd made it, it's so pretty!

  • Target, m'dear.

    And TulipGirl, he didn't say anything about that, which rather surprised me.

  • Target!!? I didn't see anything like that at our Target!! Drat! I remember going to Don's Variety when I was a kid to get our costumes. Don's was the only place in town that sold everything regardless of season. You could get Easter stuff at Christmas if you wanted. Don is long gone, and the shop would now be considered a fire hazard, but it was great. Yep, a boxed costume with a hard mask that made your whole face sweat. Nothing nearly as fancy as what gets sold now!

    I remember when the little lights first came on the market. I remember telling my parents they should replace our old "bulb" lights. Of course now, more years later than I care to admit to, we have a few strands of the old bulb lights (I find they seem to hold up better).

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