July 15, 2005

  • I enjoyed the swim class graduation immensely.

    Far more than did Marebear, unfortunately. She squealled and squalled
    the whole time, until Elaine took her out of the backyard so her cries
    of "Don't watch me!  Don't watch me!" wouldn't be the voiceover on the other girls' families' videos.

    Mind, she did a first class job when called upon to do so - "sink or
    swim" when literally the case tends to do that - but as soon as her
    precious face came out of the water, her adorable mouth opened, and
    mercy Maud!  She was forthright in expressing her displeasure
    about the whole proceeding. 

    At this point we hoped she'd chilled out a trifle.  Here they're getting ready to strut their aquatic stuff.

    Hmmmm.....this bodes ill.

    She could do it, she just wasn't cheerful. 

    Margaret took it all in stride for the most part.

    Here's Meredith swimming for the yellow rope dangling in the water on
    the left.  The instructor took pains to assure the audience that
    it was not actually used as an instrument of torture. 

    Though that was sort of hard to believe.

    Margaret's turn!  Lookit her go!

    Here she is (not yet two years old!) being dropped into the pool, whereupon she paddled to the young man in the foreground.

    Came out a bit shadowy, but here's Elaine and the incipient Esther Williams. ;^)

    This'll slay you....when it came time to leave Meredith said when she gets home she wants to go - what else? - swimming